Benefits of Coffee to Prevent Dangerous Diseases

The benefits of coffee are very many, including * prevention * from many dangerous diseases, and coffee is a drink that is loved by many around the world, as it has become a traditional drink for all peoples and every society has its own way of consuming it, but little is known about the health benefits of coffee that are not considered, because it contains antibodies An oxidation, as coffee helps to improve the blood vessels of the body, and helps to control cholesterol in the blood, which makes it good for the heart.

Scientific reports have stated that drinking coffee daily resists the development of liver diseases such as hepatitis C, as with several tests conducted on a number of patients with hepatitis C who drink at least 3 cups of coffee per day, their risk of developing the disease decreases by approximately 53%, compared to With sick people who don’t drink coffee.

Also, drinking coffee reduces the incidence of diabetes, and drinking it without sugar does not add calories to the body and limits weight gain and thus reduces the risk of developing diabetes at an advanced age, and in a study published by the French newspaper Le Journal Sainte, that men who drink several cups of coffee every day reduces the risk of diabetes.

Benefits of coffee in preventing cancer

Drinking one cup of coffee a day helps prevent liver cancer because it contains natural antioxidant elements, and the higher the consumption, the less the risk of infection, and scientists believe that the antioxidants in coffee that contribute to the fight against tumors by cleaning the body from harmful bodies that destroy cells And tissues, may have a major role in the protective effect.

Coffee also contains a natural compound that prevents the growth of colon tumors, called “methyl pyridinium”, which is an effective antioxidant substance, which disrupts the second stage enzymes and gives coffee its protective advantage against bowel cancer.

A recent scientific study conducted by Britons and Swedes showed that drinking only two cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of breast cancer in half, and that coffee stops the growth of tumors in affected women and that the disease recurrence has decreased by 50%, among the affected women who drink Two cups of coffee per day with their treatment.