How to Make Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is one of the heaviest and richest caffeine coffees. It is an Italian concentrated drink, characterized by its dark color. Like Turkish coffee, but these cups are usually thick, mostly white.

Because espresso is heavier than other types of coffee, try asking the waiter in the morning and you feel sleepy about the strongest type of coffee and enriching it with caffeine, his first advice would be espresso coffee; It contains a high amount of suspended substances, dissolved substances, delicious creamy foam, and most importantly, a double amount of caffeine. Many drinks consist of espresso, caffe latte, mocha, American coffee, Kofi, black and french latte, and Italian cappuccino.

The concentration of espresso coffee in a typical cup (60 ml) is from 80-150 ml / l caffeine, while the largest cup (240 ml) has the caffeine of 95-200 ml / l, which is a high concentration. Double espresso coffee is served with large cups to increase the concentration, called (Double Espresso), and to increase the concentration, some drink it without sugar and without dilution, and it is usually served with sugar separately, and some like to add almond flavor to it, or other flavors of coffee.

Espresso coffee has two types or two forms: the first is the espresso (Ristretto), and in this type the coffee is ground, soft, and firmly pressed, while the second form is lighter, and the espresso is called Lungo, and it is compressed to a slightly lesser degree than the first type.

How to make espresso at home

You can make your favorite drink from espresso coffee at home, and this requires you to visit one of the home appliances stores and buy a stainless steel jug of espresso, and this jug eliminates the purchase of an expensive espresso machine, it is available and cheap, and consists of three parts:

  • the first bottom To put water in it.
  • Central to put coffee.
  • Supreme to evaporate the coffee in it.

You must have white espresso cups and black chocolate to eat before your cup after preparation, and it is as follows:

  • Place the water in the bottom piece until the set limit.
  • Place the special coffee (espresso coffee) in the filter in the center.
  • Put the machine on the fire (made of stainless steel), and let the water boil; To evaporate over the coffee, then pass through the coffee to rise into the most delicious cup of espresso, which you will always make to enjoy the taste of luxury restaurants.
  • Eat a piece of dark chocolate without sugar before drinking coffee

How to make espresso coffee without a machine

the ingredients:

  • Cup and a quarter of ice water.
  • A quarter cup of ground coffee.

How to prepare:

  • Stir ground coffee grounds in iced water and stir them well until the coffee blocks disappear.
  • Leave the mixture to cool for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Put it on the fire and leave it until before boiling, and serve in a small cup.