How to Prepare the Most Expensive Coffee in the World? The Answer is Shocking!

Coffee is one of the most important and popular hot drinks for many different people of the world, and coffee varies and the way it is prepared and prepared differs from one country to another. There is Arabic coffee, there is Turkish and Brazilian coffee, and there is Kopi Luwak, the most expensive and rare Indonesian coffee in the world. Prepare it, which you may hear about for the first time.

the roots

The roots of “Kobe Loak” coffee in Indonesia extends back to two centuries ago, and during the colonial era in particular, when the colonial Dutch army established commercial farms to produce Arabica coffee coming from Yemen in the occupied islands of Sumatra and Java, at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
During the period from 1830 to 1870, the Dutch colonialists forced Indonesian farmers and the local population to grow coffee, and to persecute them, he prohibited them from harvesting its fruits and even prevented them from tasting it.

A substitute for craps!

Farmers insisted on tasting what they get from coffee beans, and soon they noticed a certain type of cat known as a “civet” cat eating the seeds of the coffee tree, but he could not digest those seeds, which leads to them coming out whole with the excrement, so the locals resorted to collecting Civet cat droppings, picking coffee seeds, washing them and cleaning them carefully, and then roasting them well and in a special way before grinding them and using them in preparing a coffee drink.

A civet cat

The civet cat, as it is called in Arabic, lives in certain regions of South Asia, especially in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and is also found in the forests of East Africa, and has a long monkey-like tail, and has a raccoon-like face, and its presence around coffee farms is frequent, which made its seeds a palatable food. for him.
Coffee seeds remain intact in the belly of the civet, and although they are mixed with some intestinal acids and stomach secretions, they retain their strength and body inside its digestive system, before they come out as healthy lumps without any pollution or damage.

Kobe Luwak

The fame of this wonderful coffee spread and its pungent aroma reached the Dutch colonialists from the owners of farms, who liked its strong taste and distinctive aroma, so it became their favorite drink, but the unusual and unusual way in which these seeds were extracted, led to their scarcity and not being easily available, which made them An expensive drink.
The production of Indonesia, the mother country of Kobe Luwak coffee, is about 500 kilograms annually, and the price per kilo ranges between 100 – 700 US dollars and is served in luxury stores, luxury restaurants, and some special occasions, and the price of a cup of Kobe Luwak coffee in some countries exceeds 100 dollars, which makes it coffee The most expensive and most valuable in the world.